8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Fall In Love All Over Again

Published: 04th April 2011
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Your eight wedding anniversary is an inspiring opportunity to recall the wonderful things that came your way and giving the perfect wedding anniversary presents will make it more exciting.

Reaching eight years in your relationship will give more reason for you to celebrate and hope for an everlasting love.

If you are a believer of Chinese cultures, the number eight is considered a very lucky number. It is associated with prosperity and abundance. The number eight can be compared to the infinity symbol; the only difference is the latter is lying on its side.

The eight wedding anniversary gifts symbols are bronze and pottery for the traditional, Lace or linen for the modern, Clemitis for the flower and Tourmaline/Tanzanite for the gemstone.

There are numerous wedding anniversary presents we can give to celebrate the occasion.

Lace underwear

The most attractive and desirable lingerie is lace underwear. Lace underwear for women is very comfortable for it lets air circulate and will not make her perspire. Wearing one will also make you feel sexy and attractive and will reflect on how you will carry yourself.


You can give your partner a sculpture or statue made of bronze such as two horses facing each other. The Horse symbolizes victory, liberty, journey, strength, control, dignity, courage, endurance, understanding and devotion. These are just the characteristics which every couple needs for a long lasting relationship.

Home decor items made of bronze as 8th wedding anniversary gifts include picture frames, candle holders, fountains, book ends, figurines and flower vases and roses.

Bronze as wedding anniversary presents symbolizes the strength of the relationship. There is something eternal and absolute in a bronze. Eight years of happy marriage is something to be proud of and be grateful for and a unique anniversary gifts such as bronze is a fitting symbol.

Pottery or Ceramic

Pottery or ceramics to choose from include art kit, hand painted pot, dinnerware, garden ornaments, home decorations, personalized plates, teapots and tea cups, stoneware jug, porcelain jars, and many more.


Linens to choose from include bed linens, like bed sheets or pillowcases, blankets, quilts, comforters, pajamas, bathroom linens, such as towels or bathrobes, curtains, table linens and many others.

Linen is a strong material and it represents the strength of the marriage.


Jewelries with tarzanite include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings. The blue one surrounded by purple is a magnificent choice.

Clematis Flowers

Clematis flowers will be a unique anniversary gifts. The clematis symbolizes ingenuity and mental beauty.

Flowers signify beauty and love. Women want to be told how you feel for them and flowers say I love you.

The occasion you are waiting for is just around the corner and for the ideal 8th wedding anniversary gifts visit wedding anniversary shops online for more magnificent anniversary gift ideas.

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